Old Sal --> New SAL MKII

Oscar Luis

    Good Afternoon everyone,

    My Fiberglass mast has been destroyed for the third time. I would like to try a new mast this time but made of iron instead.
    I`ve been lookng at the SAL30  Mark II manual and it looks ok to me and more robust overall.
    Assuming that I could set it up without the vertical wire.
    I`m wondering what would be in meters the distance of the diagonal part in the triangle and how many meters for the horizontal part??....
    Would it works ok with an iron mast instead of aluminium??
    Iron is what I`m having on hand.   Mast would be 34 foot and telescopic to be handled by a single person if possible and probably guyed with maastrant rope at two different levels.
    Any ideas or suggestion were truly appreciated.

  Thank you..!!

  EA1DR Oscar Luis